Every day we go about our business- we work, care for the kids,  manage the pets and somehow find the time to do the laundry. My most  valued time is time spent with my husband. We don't have to be doing  anything spectacular. Just sitting outside enjoying the evening and  quiet conversation- or really loud, hysterical laughter- both are just  as likely.

It is really hard for me to sacrifice that  time with my husband. But I did. Completely voluntarily. For a whole  week. IT WAS HARD. I started crying when my husband dropped me off at  the airport. Just a few tears streaming down my cheeks... which lead to  trying to check-in for my flight even though I had checked in online the  night before and standing in line to check my bag... but I didn't have a  bag to check. I made it another four days before I officially broke  down because I missed my people so much. 

In those four days, I had experienced SO much. 

I  became a Young Living member in July of 2015. Back then, I didn't  really know what I had gotten myself into. I barely used my oils and  when I did, they were a last resort. In January of 2017, I realized that  I had been missing out on so much that YL had to offer my family and I.  That was the first year that I became aware of the Young Living International Grand Convention and I declared that I would experience that in 2018. However, 2018 was full of family commitments and a tight  budget. So, I didn't go. But I did decide that nothing would keep me  from the 2019 International Grand Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah- It  is the 25th anniversary of YL after all- it was guaranteed to be an  amazing event. 

It was March of 2019 before I really  even thought of going to convention again. Convention was mid July. I was running out of time to find a ticket and transportation. Honestly,  this was not something that was budgeted for and I had barely mentioned  it to my husband. I just kept thinking that the right circumstances would come along and it would all work out. And it did. By mid-March, I  found a convention ticket for less than the early bird price- BONUS! I  also was blessed to have a friend reach out with a room in an Airbnb for the week of convention- perfect!

I was starting to  feel the pressure to find transportation by the time June rolled around.  However, with my wedding anniversary and my baby girl's 11th birthday,  convention wasn't really on my radar. Back in March, I had set Google  Flights to track flight prices and had been receiving regular updates.  Everyday closer to the day I needed to leave, the price went higher. Two and a half weeks before I would have to leave in order to do all of the things I had planned, an email came through with exactly the right price- it was so low, people didn't believe me when I told them. 
That  was it. I had my ticket, a place to stay, and my airfare. All that was left was to tell my husband that I was going. I am so freaking blessed that his only response was to tell me to enjoy every freaking minute of it. And I mostly did. 

While my husband managed the home front, I went on my first solo adventure. I had gone away for 3 day weekends, but I had never flown alone or been away from all of my people for quite that long. 

When I arrived in Salt Lake City, I found my way to public transportation and the convention center. I registered and received my convention swag. I found my friend and we went grocery shopping for the week. That first day was a blur of travel, new experiences, and shopping.

Day two was the highlight of the trip. What really drew me to Young Living was their  level of integrity and their transparency with their members. The fact that anyone can visit one of their farms just about anytime has always seemed so cool to me. And then I experienced it. 

I ended up going to the Young Living Farm in Mona, Utah "by myself"- sort of. I went with at least a thousand other YL members, but as far as I knew, I didn't know any of them. It was the most beautiful place and such a humbling experience. 
It blows my mind that there is a COMPANY that is so generous, benevolent, and whose mission is  truly to make lives better- and not by sending large amounts of money to big organizations, but by deeply connecting to individuals around the world and the organizations that those individuals are deeply connected to. It is unbelievable and such a blessing!

The remainder of the trip was wonderful. I took time to myself and spent each day with different people and explored different things available to me in the city. If you haven't been to convention- GO! It's an  amazing experience. AND you don't even have to be a member of YL to go experience it. 

Overall, I really want to impress upon you that if there is somewhere you want to go or something you want to do... DO IT! It's not easy and it can be nerve wracking or even  stressful, but it is worth every minute of it!! Find a way to afford it!  Count your blessings and say "yes" to adventure!!

Want to know more about YL or going to convention? Shoot me a message! I  would be honored to share this amazing company with you- no-pressure- just sharing  


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