Do you remember back in middle school learning the order of operations for math problems?

Parentheses, exponents, multiplication/ division, addition/ subtraction

Well... don't worry- that's as far as the math talk goes here 😂

However, order of operations still matters and even applies to life with horses... and other areas of life too.

A big picture example of this is conditioning horses.

If we don't address the horse's basic needs (nutrition, environment, socialization, etc) before we start making physical demands, the muscle and endurance you are attempting to build is probably going to take a lot longer than it could. And if you don't assess the horse's experience and knowledge before mounting... you could end up in the hospital.
Those are pretty obvious situations where we can see that the order of operations matters- here are a couple that aren't as obvious.

If we don't help the horse to be tension and pain free before we attempt to build muscle:
  • your horse will likely end up being unbalanced
  • your horse will likely build muscle unevenly due to compensation patterns
  • your horse may struggle more with movements and endurance
  • your horse may develop behavior problems
  • you may cause your horse to have lameness problems 
  • you will have to work harder to ride your horse in a way that supports their proper body mechanics
Sometimes we skip steps because we don't know any better, we are too impatient, we have been lucky in the past, or we simply don't see the value in one step in the process. The fact remains that there is an order of operations for the best possible results. 

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