Have you ever wanted to heal horses? 

To give back to the horses that give so much to you? 

To help horses near and far feel good in their bodies? 

Wouldn't it be amazing to spend your days helping horses instead of working at your lousy 9-5? 

That is exactly what I do and have done- I have taken numerous programs to learn how to be able to help horses... and I quit my 9-5 to spend my life helping horses- and getting paid to do it. 

Create Results Like These...

✨Topics Include✨
✨ Anatomy & Muscle Function

✨ Gait & Posture Analysis

✨ Causes of Pain/ Pain Patterns (biomechanics/ biotensegrity)

✨ Massage Strokes & Methods

✨ Additional Modalities (Myofascial & Craniosacral Release, Red Light, Reiki, etc)

✨ Developing your Intuition

✨ Bonus: Everything you need to know to launch and grow a successful business
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✨How Does It Work?✨
You will get access to the Google Classroom via Email immediately following payment.

Course work and assignments are provided. 

Assignments will require you to have access to horses.

Every effort is made to offer interactive, visual, and hands on learning opportunities in addition to written content.

Ask questions and get answers daily.

The program is entirely self paced.

Complete all of the Assignments and Case Studies to receive your Certificate.

Continued Mentoring and Education are offered after You complete the Certification in a Private Telegram Group.
🗝️How long is the program?
There is no time limit. I fully anticipate this program to take students 6 months to complete.

🗝️Is this certification all I need to start offering massage for horses?
Yes! In most places, animal massage is not regulated. The only state in the US that requires more is Washington. Please verify your state laws and requirements (this is covered more in the Keys to the Kingdom: Growing your Equine Therapy Business program). This Certification is also sufficient in Canada. Please look into your local laws to verify. You can learn more about this topic (and program accreditation on this podcast episode: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3SbFPYTK4wUa9hU8iaOQAo?si=_tWhLAX1RLaAYug4wiUOLg)

🗝️Are there specific times for trainings?
No. Trainings are available to be accessed anytime.

🗝️Does this include hands on, in person learning?
No. However, students of the Intuitive Equine Bodywork Certification program will be given opportunities to invest in hands on, in person training with Margaret in the future. There are no set dates or guarantees for these opportunities and they are NOT included in the purchase of this certification program.

Only 8 Spaces remain available at this price WITH the Keys to the Kingdom Bonus!

Ready to create the equine bodywork business of your dreams?

Good! There are horses out there that need your help!

Let's do this!

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