Quit your 9-5 to spend my days getting paid to help horses!

Creating Results Like These...
The Intuitive Equine Bodywork Certification program helps driven horsewomen heal horses without band-aid solutions by using logical assessment strategies.
Leanne created a thriving, booked out business that makes her soul sing...
when she wasn't even looking to start a business. She just wanted to help her own horse.

When I "met" Leanne in a Facebook group, her horse had a problem that most people believed was his attitude.


Everyone kept telling her that her horse just needed "a coming to Jesus moment" and to "get over it until he learns to listen."

 But that just didn't feel right to Leanne- she was sure he had a problem.

Leanne & I jumped onto a couple zoom calls since she is in Canada and I am Michigan.

 We went over hands on evaluation, photo assessment and gait analysis skills and identified the cause of her horse's discomfort and misbehavior.
 Once she applied the massage techniques we discussed, she had a happier and stronger partner.

Here's her perspective on the journey:
Tripled my Weekly Salary in my First 8 Days as a Full Time Equine Massage Therapist ✨🐎🦄
I could hardly believe it 🤯🤯

Before I ditched my 9-5, I was an accountant working in an office with no windows and constantly slaving away to meet everyone's needs except my own.

Sitting in my windowless office, wallowing in my misery, I decided to do some math- How many clients would I need to see to replace my weekly income?
 Nine. 🫨 What?! Just NINE?!
 Did I quit that instant?
 No- but I was ready to 😂
 I could clearly see that I would be able to work less AND do what I loved… so I got to work-
 I was smart. Took my time and made a marketing plan and strategically planned my exit.
Going into my first 8 days, I had no idea that I was about to triple my weekly salary- I did not have 27 clients on the schedule… but it happened.

I  got such great results that clients with multiple horses asked me to see more than they originally scheduled- and they told their friends.
It was extraordinary to me at the time, but now-its completely ordinary to have new clients reaching out from referrals,returning clients adding more horses to the schedule, and even being seen as an authority in the industry.
 What I find extraordinary now is not working Mondays, taking 
weekend trips in the middle of the week, and actually having time to do the things I enjoy doing… 

Oh, and the impact I am able to make now that would have been a pipe dream back in 9-5 land ✨🐎🦄
🗝️Does this program offer in person, hands on learning?
No. I have completed many online programs from my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration to ALL of my equine bodywork certifications- EVEN my equine osteopathy program! That being the case, I know what it takes to learn in an online environment and have made every effort to offer a variety of activities and opportunities for feedback on your assignments.

🗝️Do I need any state licensing or to be approved by a vet board?
No! In most places, animal massage is not regulated. The only state in the US that requires some level of licensing is Washington.  This Certification is also sufficient in Canada. Please look into your local laws to verify. You can learn more about this topic and program accreditation on this podcast episode. This is also covered more in the Keys to the Kingdom: Growing your Equine Therapy Business program that comes with the certification.

🗝️What if I complete this course and still can't solve a horse's problem?
The reality is that massage and bodywork are just one piece of the puzzle and while this program does go over A LOT of different topics that can impact your ability to help the horse- there are a lot of problems that are completely undetectable until a horse is autopsied/ dissected. We do discuss some of those situations in the mentoring group for all graduates to help you to make the biggest impact. Additionally, you can only do so much as a therapist. The owner has to be willing to be an active participant with homework exercises, nutrition and lifestyle changes for the horse for your work to be of the most benefit.

🗝️How thorough is this course?
This is no weekend or even week long course. This program will likely take you 6+ months to complete. There are written tests as well as hands on evaluations that you will video and submit for grading and feedback.  You will need access to horses to complete this course. After you complete modules on anatomy, postural assessment, gait analysis, causes of pain, massage strokes & methods, and developing your intuition for healing, you will be asked to complete 3 case studies to show that you have a good understanding of all of the material covered. I am always available to answer questions. My goal for all of my students is that they become the best healer they can be for horses- because the horse is the reason we do what we do 💖