The Truth about Health, Wellness and Prevention

I don't know about you, but when I was growing up, we didn't make too many trips to the doctor. My family has been blessed with good health. Its as easy as that, right?

The reality is that my family ate very little processed foods. My mother was "no fun" and never let me get my favorite sugar loaded cereals when we went to the store. She also made sure that I had limited access to pop. We always had plenty of fresh (home grown when possible) fruits and vegetables. I spent most of my days active and outside and when I was inside, my face was in a book. My mother also went to great lengths to ensure that my sister and I were not exposed to some of life's most negative, confusing and heart wrenching moments. I know that is really why my family was and has been so healthy. My mother did everything in her power to make sure that our family ate, moved and thought well. I don't know that she was aware then, but she set us all up to have optimum health.

What is optimum health? Heck, what is health? For most people I know, they have never experienced optimum health. We all have settled for health that can include headaches, soreness, heartburn, restless sleep, exhaustion and so many other "normal" symptoms. The truth is, health is living without symptoms. Health is your body being able to fight off any invaders without you even knowing that the invaders showed up. Health is the state that your body is in when everything is functioning the way it was meant to function. Your body systems are strong and efficient.

So what does it take to reach that kind of health? Optimal health, when your body is strong and efficient, is earned by eating well, thinking well and moving well.

Okay great- you know it all now- eat well, think well, move well- that's all there is to it... right? Yes and no. It depends on what you believe constitutes eating, thinking and moving well. Earning optimal health can seem overwhelming when we look at the magnitude of information available to us. High fat or high carb? Raw food or cooked foods... or both? Protein shakes or only whole foods? Supplements or no? And all these questions (and all their many different answers) only pertain to the "eat well" portion of optimal health! It is hard to believe that understanding how to obtain and maintain optimal health could possibly be simple with so much differing information.

The truth is that obtaining optimal health is simple. All anyone has to do is provide their body with the materials that are required by their DNA. Humans, as a species, all require the same materials for optimal health. The proper portions of fruits, vegetables and water are all required. As is the appropriate type and amount of exercise. And finally, thinking in a positive and open manner also plays into your current level of health.

It's usually that last bit there that really holds people up. It's pretty safe to say that "everyone" knows or has at least heard about eating less and moving more, but.... ummmmm, what the heck does my thinking have to do with my health?! A lot, actually. 

All in all, this health business seems really complicated. Wellness and Prevention don't have to be though. It does take a little research and dedication and it is worth all of it if you want to avoid illness and experience your best life. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure right?! If you are interested in starting your journey toward optimal health, I would highly recommend that you look up Dr. James Chestnut. It's important to remember two things: 1) this is your journey. You choose the path and customize it every step of the way; 2) you don't have to change everything in your life at once. You absolutely can turn your life upside-down, overhaul your lifestyle and remove all of the unnecessary chemicals from your life tomorrow. Or, you can start small by just eating one more serving of fruit and vegetables tomorrow than you usually would. Then maybe ditch the standard, chemical-laden deodorant..... or decide that the one thing you will never change is your deodorant. It's completely up to you. Build a life you love and nourish your body to live the life you've built!

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