Taking care of your body doesn't have to be complicated. And it doesn't require a doctor or any other expert for that matter. I have studied health more than most people that haven't chosen to work in the "health industry" and it isn't uncommon for me to get asked questions about what to do under certain circumstances.

While I am an advocate for wellness and prevention and I do teach people how to care for their bodies and those of their beloved pets, we really need to get something straight.

    1. I am not a doctor or a veterinarian and therefore, it is illegal for me to diagnose or treat human or animal.

    2. Wellness and prevention have nothing to do with diagnosing and treating.

I understand how this can be a confusing concept. Especially because we have been raised in a culture that taught us that if we have a question about our bodies and how they function or if something is "normal" we need to speak with a doctor. This logic seems to even make sense- I mean doctors go to school for a long time so they really must be better informed on what it takes to have and maintain optimum health. However, this simply isn't true. 

Doctors go to school to study diseases and treatments for disease. They generally do not spend a lot of time studying health and what causes it. In fact, they don't really study what causes disease either. So, what does that mean for you? Simple: wellness and prevention is something you can learn about and dominate for yourself and your family if you want to! And, if you are experiencing intense symptoms and need a diagnosis and possibly a treatment- GO TO THE DOCTOR!

No matter where you are on your wellness and prevention journey, it is important to remember to use all of your resources. If you are lucky enough to have a friend or contact that is super knowledgeable- fantastic! However, remember that your health and wellness is your responsibility and that means that you need to use your resources- the internet (coupled with your favorite search engine) is a powerful resource. As are the reference books offered by Life Science Publishing and many other publishers. Heck, there are even reference apps!

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