What is a Heart Wall?
I have struggled to connect with people... even the people that I should just be close to... my siblings, my parents, my children... even my husband.

A huge part of that has also been that I apparently have stuffed down my emotions the majority of my life. This lead to basically operating without emotions... until I was triggered (which wasn't rare 🤦‍♀️).

Rage is an emotion that I know well. I know that my familiarity with rage has not helped my relationships with those closest to me. If I wasn't raging or cluelessly hustling toward my next accomplishment, I was most likely crashed in bed or on the couch feeling worthless and exhausted. It didn't matter how caring and loving my family was being, I couldn't feel the love from them.... and they certainly weren't feeling the love from me.

My chiropractor had some essential oils in her office and I heard her talking about them to another patient one day... so I bought some. I found one that tamed the rage. I learned a lot about hormone disruptors and how many of my household products were contributing to my rage sessions and pitty parties.

I learned that feeling any emotion is OKAY. It seems too obvious, but it needs to be said. It is okay to feel. You are supposed to feel- it's how we connect deeply to others.

However, sometimes even the emotions that we accept can get in our way. Sometimes they can cause (chronic) physical pain, anxiety, or even prevent you from moving forward in certain areas of your life.

When I brought the issues about connecting to people that I was having to my Emotion Code practitioner, she suggested that we work on my Heart-Wall. (Learn more about the Emotion Code here).

When emotions become trapped in our bodies, they are recognized by our subconscious mind as spare material just laying around.

At one point or another, you have probably felt heartache. And you have probably heard of the concept of having a broken heart. Our conscious mind and our subconscious mind both agree that heartache and broken-heartedness are to be avoided at all costs.

As a result, the subconscious mind uses what it has to protect the heart: that spare material- trapped emotions. The trapped emotions are used to build a wall around the heart to keep it safe.

It sounds like a good plan: protect the heart- prevent pain. However, that plan doesn't come without consequences.

The area of our body where the heart is located has been long been referred to as "the seat of the soul" and it is believed that our hearts don't only pump blood through our veins, but it also emits our life force. People also associate the emotion of love coming from the heart.

If we believe that love and our life force come from the heart and we know that trapped, lower-frequency (negative emotions) are forming a wall around the heart, then, we know that for anything to travel to or from the heart it has to pass through the heart wall. That means the love you are sending to your kids is polluted before it reaches them. That means that the organs that depend on your life force to sustain them are receiving a polluted version of your life force.

Have you ever been told to follow your heart? You can't follow a heart that is trapped behind a wall. There are so many ways we benefit from taking down our heart walls. So many parts of my life fell into place by simply scheduling a heart wall session with my practitioner- from the family relationships, I mentioned earlier, to launching new aspects of my business with confidence and success. If this sounds like something you need, you can get more info and schedule here.


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