Let's chat about hustle for a minute. I assume everyone is familiar with hustle. Maybe it's not something you are doing right now, but most likely you have had a time in your life that you were hustling. You were working so hard for something that you wanted for yourself, for your family, or even someone else entirely.

I LOVE hustle. I love working.... yes, even physical labor. Growing up it was common to be told that working hard would deliver the results I was looking for- and so did Disney movies. Most TV shows and movies growing up did have an element of work hard to get what you want. But there were others that spoke truth- you have a purpose and when you focus on that purpose and showing up in service, miracles happen- people in my life would graciously remind me that "movies are just pretend."

Here's the truth- from a long time hustler/ workaholic: Alignment is what really matters- not how hard or how much you work.

My best results are always from times when I was in a deep flow. When ideas would just pop into my head when I had no questions about what was best because I was so excited to employ my latest light bulb moments. And that, my friends, is alignment. Those days I could put in less than two hours of work a day and have HUGE results. I was a result magnet. 

Have you seen the Field of Dreams? Yeah, you know, the movie with Kevin Costner (if you are in your 20s you may need to look it up on Disney+ 🤣)... Anyway, the tag line from the movie is, "If you build it, they will come." Kevin Costner's character is on the verge of losing the family farm and he spends boo-coo bucks to build a baseball field on his land.

I am not going to try to convince you that ghosts are real or any of the other woo-woo things that happened in that movie, but I KNOW that when we follow our hearts, walk in our purpose and serve others, we will be fulfilled, at peace, and be provided for.

You will never hear me say that hustle is bad. I will tell you that unaligned hustle will burn you out. I will also tell you that there is a better way. If you continue to hustle with no or only partial alignment, you will not achieve what you are after- you may complete your immediate goal, but the bigger goal (peace, fulfillment, time and financial freedom) will constantly be right out of reach.

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