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Can't Be

So many horsewomen just want to know why their horse is in pain.

But before we can find the "why" we have to narrow down the "where."

Most of my clients have come to me frustrated and almost out of hope because so many other professionals tell them that there is nothing wrong with their horse, but they know differently.

That's why I created the Wild Hearts Can't be Broken Hands on Evaluation Virtual Clinic- to teach you to identify your horse's pain and narrow down where it is coming from.

This process helped me determine that, even though the vet said nothing was wrong, Andy did have a problem in his right hind... and when the owner demanded x rays, they found a fractured split bone.

This same process helped me to determine that the answer to Loki's pain was also in his right hind... and an ultrasound later identified a hole in his suspensory ligament.

Additionally, this is how I determine what is weakness vs what is an injury.

Want to learn this process to apply it to your own horses? Now's the time.
What People are Saying...

Gaining access to the clinic replays will get you started assessing your own horses so that you can FINALLY determine where their problem is what the best way to solve it.

If you wish to get professional in-put on your horse through this process, the VIP upgrade is for you. Normally, consultations of this level are $297 and do not include teaching you the process.

Both the Basic Replay access and VIP access come with the ability to ask questions, but only the VIP will get an hour long 1:1 session with me to go over your findings for your horse and get you started with a plan of action.

You will gain immediate access to the replays via email after payment is processed.

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