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Online Courses
How to Become Your Body's Best Friend
If you have been working to improve your physical or emotional health, but haven't seen the results you are looking for, this program is for you!

Become the best version of yourself by creating the lifestyle that you want and enjoy- hear from several different foodies and fitness professionals to find the best solutions for you & identify emotional and mindset blocks that have been keeping you stuck. It's time to be a friend to your body so you can reach your highest potential!


Horses and Oils
Everything you need to know about using essential oils with horses.
It's here! My famous Equine Essential Oil Workshop is now available as an online course!
In addition to everything you need to know about using essential oils with your horses and even how to do a Raindrop Technique with your horses, you will also get access to my exclusive Facebook group that offers oil recipes for all of your horsey needs and a supportive community ❤️

When you purchase this course you will also receive the 7 Days to a Happier Horse Program at no extra cost!

Muscle Testing for Equine Nutrition
Are you frustrated with trying to determine what supplements your horse ACTUALLY needs?

I get it! & I got you!

Learn how you can test for yourself to determine each individual horse's needs. Where ever you are and for free!