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If only I knew then what I know now...
I've worked with and studied horses for the majority of my life. I have seen my fair share of injuries and lameness. I've had horses that were trained and some that we broke to ride ourselves.

Through this, there were horses that didn't heal as fast or as thoroughly as I'd hoped. There were also horses that had chronic behavioral issues and/ or were difficult to train. At that time, I believed that was the end of the road with those horses- they had reached their highest potential and it wasn't enough for my ambitions. 

As I have gotten older, I have spent my time learning, asking questions, getting certified in massage and rehab, and finding that all those years ago, I was wrong. My horses' were not incapable of taking me where I wanted to go. I only had half of the map. 
Now I educate as many horsemen as I can because I know how busy y'all are. Even if you wanted to sit down and read 50 textbooks or spend hours researching online, you don't have time for that.  You are in the barn, caring for other living beings before yourself, wanting the best for them always, and making the necessary sacrifices.
My greatest joy is seeing the handler/ rider realize that the roadblock they are facing isn't the end of the road for their horse. Small, simple changes can make a world of difference to the horse. That means, fewer horses put out to pasture prematurely and fewer human hearts are broken over the decision to find another equine partner even though they already have their heart horse.
So here I am. Sharing my nearly 30 years of experience and study with you, so that you can have all the breakthroughs and mind-blowing realizations that I did, with none of the struggle or delay!

Are you ready?
How can I help you & your horse reach your highest potential?

Equine Massage
I have been blessed with an amazing education that goes well beyond massage techniques. In addition to my initial training, I have added additional myofascial/ craniosacral release, K-Tape, and Red Light certifications, as well as, advanced anatomy. I love tough cases and I have a tool in my toolbox for every horse.

Be on the look out for more services offered as I finish up a saddle fitting certification, barefoot trimming & rehab certification AND begin the process of offering equine osteopathy✨🐎🦄

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