Emotional Mastery Group Coaching
This group coaching experience is perfect for anyone that is working on being healthier emotionally. We discuss all manner of topics in relation to emotional health and the emotion code is occasionally used to clear blocks on the spot.

We will be focused on helping you to learn to 1) better understand your own emotions, 2) learn to cope with your emotions so they don't run your life, 3) learn to identify and clear blocks so that you can keep moving forward, and 4) learn to connect your emotional mastery to your relationship with your horse.

Group coaching is a great way to expose yourself to other points of view and to get help from people that are just like you.

Group Coaching is billed by the month and DOES NOT automatically renew. You receive access to an exclusive Facebook Group, Live trainings, and Four Group Zoom Calls/ month.

* I am not a doctor or any sort of medical professional- I do not diagnose or treat.

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